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I’ve just read some interesting discussions about whether or not Matthew desired Lavinia as much as Mary, if he was as keen on her as he obviously is on Mary. And all I could think of was the two scenes above. It’s self-explanatory in a way. I think the difference here is very poignant. It’s almost the same situation in both scenes, with an impending wedding and the respective couple enjoying some unchaperoned time alone. But oh so different. Many people have commented on the way Matthew and Lavinia sit together like an old married couple, content perhaps, in their silence. But still, this is definitely not how lovers behave. Propriety or not, being alone in the same room and more or less ignoring each other is not a good sign. They don’t seem to mind though, and there is no trace of the excited, fidgety, ‘all-sorts-of-things’ Matthew. None at all. I know it’s just one scene, and we haven’t seen much of Matthew and Lavinia alone, but this scene is definitely an indicator, an example of what they are like together, without others around. Otherwise, it would not have been put in like this. Compare that now with 3.01, where Matthew is all but telling Mary to make herself comfortable in his lap. “Now come and kiss me.” The funny thing is, Matthew is quite troubled there by that inheritance business, and yet, he’s so into his fiancée that he tends to forget about the whole affair, if Mary wouldn’t bring it up all the time. It’s always been like that when Mary’s in the room, Matthew’s brain kind of sets out and all he can think of is her, all he sees is her, all he wants is her. He seeks her attention, her touch and her kiss. Going back to the Lavinia scene, you see Matthew wholly engrossed in his news paper. No ideas of kissing Lavinia, tease Lavinia, hold her hand, or even sit near her. Finally, it all comes down to body language, whether a man hides stiffly behind his newspaper, five feet away from you. Or whether lounges in a chair, holds his hand out to pull you near and begs for your kiss. Not to say that Matthew didn’t find Lavinia attractive at all, or he would not have proposed to her, but it was very obviously not comparable to the (in more than one way) all-consuming desire that Matthew feels for Mary. It just isn’t the same. Whereas Matthew’s all sorts of excited about all sorts of things with Mary in 3.01, the most excited he gets in that 2.07 scene is when Mary’s toy dog pops up and whoa suddenly he’s really standing to attention (sorry for the pun heh). In a way Matthew does fetishise Mary’s love token a little, doesn’t he? But that’s another conversations entirely…

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    I couldn’t imagine mary knitting or whatever it is Lavinia is doing , in my opinion Lavinia and Matthew were a quite...
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    Spot on observations. Matthew was engaged to both Lavinia and Mary but only ever really “engaged” with Mary. I picture...
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